2022 West Mayfield Clean Up Day

On July 9, 2022, with the generous support of council and the public works dept., the West Mayfield Centennial Committee organized the first “clean up day” in the borough in many years.
Our goal was to focus on one of West Mayfield’s trashiest areas—the bottom of W. 4th Ave, Glade Street, and the borough’s “no man’s land” along Wallace Run Rd. (Rt. 551).
What an incredible job everyone did collecting more than 30 bags of trash and other assorted junk that really made our borough look terrible.
On behalf of the Centennial Committee, we want to thank the clean up crew for putting on the gloves and vests and getting into the weeds to help redd up our borough: Chrissy Barkfelt, Rich Barkfelt, Sami Barkfelt, Flo Jacox, Godon Lowes, Kevin Farkas, councilman Eli Kosanovich, and mayor Licia Cogley.
Our next clean up day will be in April 2023, and we look forward to seeing more residents participate. Meanwhile, we encourage all residents pick up trash wherever they see it along our roadways. When you do, you not only keep West Mayfield looking good, but you set an example for our children who are watching and learning from us how to be good citizens.
Posted in Borough News.