Social Hall Rental

IMG_0339.CR2Social Hall rental is managed by the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department.  All proceeds benefit the fire service. The Hall is available to the public under the terms and conditions of the Social Hall Rental Agreement.

Hall rental is reserved by paying a cash deposit, refundable after the event and subject to inspection as indicated below.  The rental fee must be paid-in-full at least 1 day prior to the event.


  • 1 to 4 hour event: $175 rental fee ($125 deposit)
  • Up to 8 hour event: $250 rental fee ($200 deposit)
  • Up to 12 hour event: $350 rental fee ($200 deposit)
  • Up to 16 hour event: $450 rental fee ($200 deposit)
  • Pre-event access fee: $25/hr.

Note: Maximum daily rental period is from 8:00 am to midnight.  The Hall must be vacated by 12:30 am.

Other Terms and Conditions

No Hall rental may be used for monetary gain, unless approved in advance by WMVFD.

No staples or tacks may be used for decorating.  All tape must be removed.  A pre-event access fee is required for Hall entry before your scheduled rental time.

No loud music or noise audible beyond the building’s exterior is permitted after 10:00 pm.

The Hall kitchen is to be used for warming/reheating food only.  No cooking is allowed.  The Hall rental does not provide for food preparation or serving equipment.  Use of a refrigerator for limited food storage is included in the Hall rental.

Absolutely no weapons or alcohol permitted on the premises.  No illegal substances or activity will be tolerated.  Smoking is permitted at the secretion of WMVFD.

Renters are responsible for cleaning the Hall after their event.  All trash must be disposed in the dumpster.  All floors must be swept and mopped.  All surfaces, including tables, kitchen area, and bathrooms, must be cleaned.  Litter must be removed from the parking lot.  Note:  Cleaning supplies are provided in the Hall storage room.

The facility will be inspected after the event.  Failure to sufficiently clean the Hall and parking lot area will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.