2024 Water System Maintence

Beaver Falls Municipal Authority

2024 Routine Maintenance of Water System

Beginning June 10th through approximately mid-July, the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority will preform routine maintenance flushing of the entire distribution system as required by PADEP. During this time, we will return to the use of chlorine as our primary disinfectant instead of the chloramines we use now. During the flushing period, our customers may experience discolored water and/or a noticeable odor of chlorine in the water. Please be aware that these are all normal conditions, and nothing is wrong with the water.

Should you experience discolored water during this time, please let your cold water tap run for several minutes until the water clears up. A chlorine odor may be present until we return to chloramine disinfection following the system flushing.

Should you have any questions regarding this public notification, please call our office at 724-846-2400 during regular office hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please direct any other inquiries about the water to Operations Manager at 724-847-7387.

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