Beaver Falls Police Scam Alert Advisory

Scam Alert Advisory

It was recently reported by a resident that they have received a call from unknown actor(s) attempting to impersonate members of the City of Beaver Falls Police Department.

During this call, the victim was told that the call is about drugs or property and that the
police may come to seize their property. The victim was told that the information being
discussed is “top secret” and then the caller attempted to ascertain whether the victim
lives alone or if there is anyone else with them in their residence as they do not want
anyone else to hear their conversation.

These are known scams! The perpetrators use threats of arrest or other scare-tactics to get vulnerable residents to provide personal information such as bank accounts, social security numbers and household composition.

They may ask you to purchase gift cards and remain on the phone with them while you do so.


The actors may also be attempting to determine if you are home alone or ask you to give them information on times when nobody is home.

If you receive a call of this nature:

  • DO NOT give out personal or financial information.
  • Contact the City of Beaver Falls Police Department at 724-846-7000 or
  • Beaver County Non-Emergency Dispatch at 724-775-0880.

You can then inquire as to whether an Officer called you or you can request a uniformed police officer to respond in person to take a report.

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