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Community Survey

The West Mayfield Fire Service Review Committee (FSRC) wants to hear directly from borough residents and taxpayers (past and present) regarding matters of fire prevention & fire protection. We welcome thoughtful comments, opinions, and accounts of experiences with local government, the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department, neighboring municipalities’ fire services, and citizens’ rights and obligations regarding fire prevention & fire protection matters. 

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Park Shelter Availability

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Clean Up Day 2024

Citizen-Volunteers show up in force for the 2024 Clean Up Day in the Borough.



Spring & Summer


Citizens are reminded that they have to maintain their properties according to ordinances beyond fence lines if their properties extend to roadways and allyways.  Weeds and trees must not be allowed to block or encroach upon roadways.


It is illegal in the Commonwealth and West Mayfield Borough to blow grass clippings and leaves into the street. If you do, you are required to remove them immediately from the street when finished. Grass clippings and leaves left in the street are a severe roadway hazard to vehicles, especially motorcycles and bicycles. Additionally, this material gets washed away by storm water and deposited in the water system. This causes storm drains to clog and back up causing flooding. The grass also releases nitrogen into the water system which is not good for the quality of our water.


The park season officially begins the Friday before Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Park hours are from sunrise to sunset. The Recreation Board takes reservations begining January 1st on a first-come basis. 





October 15th to December 1st

 Leaf collection will begin in West Mayfield on October 15th and end on December 1st. All leaves must be raked close to the side of the road.  Please do not place leaves on roadways. Leaves placed in bags won’t be accepted. The public works department will canvass the streets and alleys looking for piles of leaves, but to arrange for pick-up, call the municipal building at (724) 843-8330 and leave a message.



To Be Announced, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

The West Mayfield Fire Dept. will provide safety patrols. Residents are reminded to wear bright colored clothing for safe visibility, to carry flashlights, and to carefully inspect all candy before eating.



The borough maintenance department is committed to keeping roadways clear and passable during all weather events. Residents are asked to keep vehicles off roadways when possible and to clear their roadways of obstacles that might affect snow plowing.

Due to the high cost of road salt, the borough does not salt alley ways. Sand is used instead. However, if an alley way is impassible due to icy conditions please contact the borough.

The borough maintains all walkways on its property. By ordinance, residents are responsible for keeping their walkways clear and passable.

All Year


Residents are reminded to help keep our sewer system in top working condition or we will continue to pay thousands of tax dollars to fix clogged and broken sewer pipes. 

Only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down toilettes.  Nothing else should be flushed down drains even if labeled “flushable,” “safe for toilets,” or “biodegradable.” 

Do not use the toilette as a trash can.  Do not flush: Cotton balls and cotton swabs, dental floss and dental picks, menstrual products such as pads or tampons, paper towels and tissues, wipes and cleaning cloths, hair, medicine, burnt matches, household cleaning chemicals, household hazardous wastes (paint, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers)

Do not pour fats, oils, or grease down the drains. 


Starting August 9, 2021, trash pick up in the borough will change from Wednesdays to Mondays. 


The West Mayfield Fire Department Social Hall is available to the public under the terms and conditions of the Social Hall Rental. 

Social Hall Reservations


Police Service

If you are having an emergency, call 911. Please report all illicit activity (car break-ins, vandalism, suspicious persons, unpermitted solicitation, etc.) to the Beaver Falls police dept. (non-emergency: 724-846-7000).

Fire Service

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Like so many fire departments throughout Beaver County, West Mayfield desperately needs help from volunteers to provide fire protection to the borough and surrounding communities–especially during the coronavirus emergency. If you have an interest in fulfilling this critical public service to your community, please contact us today. Spread the word and share our need with others who might be willing to help. Direct fire fighting or support positions available such as traffic control, rehab service, equipment repair, station cleaning, fundraising, fire prevention education.


  • Junior fire fighters must be at least 16
  • Active fire fighters must be at least 18
  • No experience necessary
  • Departmental training and certification provided
  • On-call insurance coverage provided

Resident of the borough not required, but those who live in the borough or surrounding communities (Chippewa Twp., White Twp., Beaver Falls, Big Beaver) preferred.

Chief Lou Little: (724) 601-7166

Solicitation Activity

PERMITS ISSUED – See The Mayor’s Desk

It is unlawful for anyone to solicit door to door without a solicitation permit (except for religious, political, and certain nonprofit purposes) as required by West Mayfield Ordinance 820.01. The solicitation ordinance is a public safety measure to ward off unknown and unauthorized persons from lurking though our neighborhoods. Please report such activity to the Beaver Falls Police: 724-846-7000.


Emergency Management

The borough’s Emergency Management Program oversees 4 basic phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The Mayor and Council work very closely with the Borough’s Emergency Management team to provide the support that is needed to be effective in all phases.  The borough’s Emergency Management Coordinator is Bill Heaton. Please contact Mr. Heaton if you would like to volunteer on our Emergency Management team.