West Mayfield Centennial Celebration

Read, Download, and Distribute Our Flyer

Download this 1 page, tri-fold pdf document.  Print each page as front & back of the brochure, fold, and then pass it along to your neighbors and friends.

Did you ever jump in the ash pile, build a fort in the woods, swim in the crick, play ball down in the park, visit Mrs. Calhoun’s candy store, buy cigs at Jake’s Dairy, eat at the Corner Tavern, risk your life on the swings at West Park Elementary, run home when the fire whistle blew, smell the coal furnaces on frosty winter mornings, or hear the pipes clanging all night from the mill? 

What was it like growing up in West Mayfield? 

What stores, bars, churches, and schools do you remember?

Who are the most memorable borough residents?

Share Your West Mayfield History With Us