West Mayfield Community Park Shelters



The park shelter concession is under new management. Anyone who has previously entered into an agreement with the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department for a standing shelter reservation during 2024 and beyond must contact the borough’s Recreation Board as soon as possible to confirm your reservation and secure your deposit. Without this confirmation we cannot guarantee that your existing park shelter can be honored or that we will be able to recover your deposit from the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department to refund or hold for your reservation.

RENTAL RATES: $100/day ($75 deposit)

If your reservation is approved, you can mail your deposit and rental fee (check or money order) to West Mayfield Borough:

c/o Janet Helbig, Chair, 3601 Orchard St., Beaver Falls, Pa  15010

Reservation Agreement Terms & Conditions

To request a shelter, please complete this online shelter request form. This request is tentative until the reservation process is complete. A borough representative will contact you to confirm and process this request. West Mayfield Park shelters are available for events as outlined herein. The LESSEE designated below is responsible to abide by the stated terms of this Agreement. Facility rental is reserved by paying a deposit, refundable after the event subject to inspection as indicated below. Rental fee must be paid in full 7 days prior to the event.

LESSEE herein agrees to indemnity and hold harmless the Borough of West Mayfield Recreation Board (“WMRB”) from any liability resulting from any act, neglect or otherwise by an person on the subject premises while under possession or control of LESSEE.

  1. Max daily rental period is from 11:00am to 8:00pm. Everyone must vacate the facility by dark.
  2. No shelter rental for monetary gain is permitted, unless approved by the WMRB.
  3. No staples or tacks are to be used for decorating. Tape must be removed at end of rental.
  4. No loud music/noise audible at the roadway is permitted.
  5. Grills are provided in the park, use with care or provide your own. No ground fires are permitted.
  6. Cooking charcoal must be extinguished and cold after use.
  7. No weapons or alcohol permitted in the park. Absolutely no illegal substances or illegal activities will be tolerated. 
  8. Limited electrical service is available at the shelter. Do not overload the outlets.
  9. LESSEE is responsible for cleaning the shelter after the event.  The area will be inspected after the event and failure to sufficiently clean will result in the forfeiture of deposit. Trash must be disposed of into the dumpster.  All floors are to be swept. Tables are to be cleaned. Litter must be cleared from the parking lot.  Damage must be immediately reported to the WMRB. The LESSEE shall be liable for repair of all damage to the shelter occurring during the rental period.

Cancellation by LESSEE 30 days prior to rental date will have full refund of deposit. Less than a 30 day notice may result in forfeiture of deposit.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Borough may be forced to cancel a scheduled rental.  In this case, the deposit will be fully refunded and no other liability/cost shall be held against the WMRB for the cancellation. 


  1. Park must be cleaned as it was when you got there.
  2. All garbage must be bagged and put in the dumpsters located at Shelter 1.
  3. Bathrooms must be kept clean.
  4. Do not injure or deface physical or natural property.
  5. Drugs and alcohol not permitted in the community park.
  6. Pets allowed but must be on a leash, contrained, or controlled.
  7. No self-fundraisers are permitted on the grounds.
  8. Renters must abide by our local law enforcement rules.
  9. Live music only with WMRB’S approval.
  10. No dirt bikes, ATVs permitted.
  11. No blowup jungle gyms, water slides, etc. permitted.
  12. In the event of an emergency contact 9-1-1.
  13. Deposit and rental fee must be paid when you sign the contract.
  14. Please keep our park beautiful.

Check Availability

West Mayfield Online Park Shelter Request

To make a reservation by phone, please contact:

Janet Helbig, Recreation Board
(724) 846-0881, jan3455@comcast.net