Licia Cogley

Mayor Licia Cogley

Term expires: 2026

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From the Mayor's Desk

Hello West Mayfield Borough,
Great turnout at the Council meeting last night. A few highlights: Our code enforcer has retired and Robert Tate is named as the new interim enforcer at this time. We congratulate him and wish him well in this respectful and responsible position. The Centennial Committee is ready to paint in the park, any volunteers who like to paint, we welcome your assistance. It will be a lot of fun. Lots of weeds are to be cut in the Borough. Many concerns are brought to the table about garbage collection. Reviewing the contract and discussing further with the solicitor. A lot of sewer work was discussed, Councilman Jake Tate discussed the park and all the renovations he has been taking care of there, stump removal, electrical renovations, gravel and much more. Please thank him when you see him. Monday Duquesne Light will be on Patterson Avenue taking down a few trees, July 17. Near 102. Councilwoman Ms Harker stated more trees to come down near 37th Street. And Pres. Lou Little also commented on that. Thank you, and keep up the comments and concerns. We are all listening.
PS: Let me add, getting prices on yellow calming strips for Rock Ave and High Street for slowing down Speeders !!!!!!
Licia M Cogley
Mayor West Mayfield Borough

To all concerned citizens of West Mayfield Borough, Thursday July 13th is the next Borough Council meeting. You are all invited to attend as well as your family members that have any concerns about the borough.

We ask that you come to the meeting to express any concerns you have so that we can hear and discuss them rationally. We want to help for the greater good of this community.

If you cannot make it, please feel free to call anyone on council or me, the Mayor, and I will bring your concerns to the table or agenda prior to our meetings to be discussed.

Meanwhile, the Centennial Committee is diligently working to get the borough ready for our Centennial Jubilee, and we want everyone to be part of this great celebratory moment in our hundred year history.

The 4th of July Celebrations have started, so be safe with fireworks, and enjoy the Holiday with friends and family.

Thank you, Licia Cogley
Phone: 724-650-5464

What a fabulous Election Day we celebrated in West Mayfield Borough on Tuesday, May 16th. Good turnout for an important election, along with a tremendous dinner/bake sale.

I want to extend a special thanks to the incredible forces behind the women on our committee, who assisted in running, picking up, delivering, lifting, checking, cooking, packing, unpacking, setting up, cleaning up and making sure incoming and outgoing inspections were passed. Never a complaint. Everything is done with a smile. What a crew. Mission Impossible Crew: Bob T, Bob K, & Rich C.

Words cannot express how much this Centennial Committee worked, baked, cooked and donated their time to organize one of our most successful events and seeing all the community come in to enjoy our delicious dinners, sides, and desserts we offered.

We loved seeing you all there. Thank you every one !!!

Trinity Solar will be soliciting in the borough today through May 20th.

Easter Egg Hunt was fun event held by the West Mayfield Centennial Committee last Saturday March 25th. Weather was a little testy, but a great turnout of children and parents. We would also like to thank the residents Cheryl and Rich Winkle, Domenic Depietro, MacKenzie and Erika Lawson , Flo, Carol and Bonnie Knowlton. And of course Jeffrey Seybert, the key and coffee man. Looking forward to the next events…. Earth Day, April 22. Anyone interested in helping spruce up the community or park, get ahold of anyone on the committee. You know us all !!!

West Mayfield, the safest borough in the world, or so we thought it was. Saturday March 11, changed everything, when 8 shots rang out in a neighborhood filled with families, children and normal activities that we do on weekends to catch up before Mondays roll around again. 

Yes the Beaver Falls Police responded swiftly and their presence was there for hours investigating and doing their job.
So many videos of the perpetrator ringing door bells, asking for phones, trying to get into homes, a getaway car fleeing from the scene, all turned into police detectives then shared with friends, relatives, social media and neighborhood followers. How wonderful it is that we still have heroes here. 

Each and everyone living here looking out for us. I’m so glad that I was able to help all of you that called and sent videos. We want this borough to stay safe and free from crime. Don’t be afraid to call 911, put your tax dollars to work. Police and fire police, neighbors, they are all heroes!

We are getting a new War Memorial Plaque for the Honor Roll on 37th street, across from Corner Tavern. If you know of any one who served in the military after Vietnam War that lived in West Mayfield, or are still serving, please let any one on the centennial committee know. Thank you.

Hello West Mayfield. Tuesday evening our West Mayfield Centennial Committee held a great upbeat planning meeting. 

Next year is the centennial of our borough’s founding–that’s 100 years! We are planning lots of events and would love the public to help and be involved. Some of our activities help us raise much needed resources for our work, we are planning several great activities: 

–Local history calendar to spotlight our borough’s past.
–Commemorative Centennial Stock sale.
–Halloween “Trunk or Treat” event on October 22nd at our community park . . . “Down in the the Hollow.” 
–Bake sale on Election Day (November 8th) at the Fire Hall with chili and lots of baked goods.
–Next year, we’ll have an Easter Egg Hunt, two Clean Up Days in the borough, and we want to honor all our active veterans as well as the men and women who served in the past. 

All fundraising will go toward supporting these activities and our Centennial Jubilee, August 25 and 26, 2023. 

So come be a part of our Centennial Committee, make a donation, and help us make West Mayfield . . . “A nice place to live.”<br><br>

West Mayfield Centennial