Public Notice: Proposed ordinance regulating yard sales or garage sales


May 2, 2024

Notice is hereby given that the following Ordinance shall be acted upon by the Council of the Borough of West Mayfield at their regular meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in the West Mayfield Borough Council Chambers located at 4609 West 8th Avenue, West Mayfield, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. A summary of the Ordinance is as follows and a full text is available for review by contacting the Borough Secretary during regular business hours at 724-847-1867.


An Ordinance regulating yard sales or garage sales within the Borough of West Mayfield.

1. Statement of purpose of the ordinance is to control and regulate yard sales or garage sales to protect the public health and safety.

2. Defining a yard sale or garage sale as the offering for sale of ten (10) or more items of personal property at one residential premises.

3. Regulations limiting yard sales to one per month and requiring that they be conducted by only West Mayfield Borough residents and may not continue for more than two (2) consecutive days nor have more than three (3) signs advertising the same.

4. Authorizing the code enforcement officer of the Borough of West Mayfield or any police officer to enforce the same.

5. Imposing a fine of not more than $300 for any violation of the same. 

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