Potential Change to Aiken Refuse Service

Borough council is considering revising the current contract with Aiken Refuse. Currently, Aiken provides “unlimited” trash pick up service (some restrictions apply). However, the borough is considering adopting a “limited” trash pick up service contract, thereby reducing the required monthly fee but implementing greater restrictions on trash pick up. 

For more information about this potential change to the borough’s refuse contract, please contact councilmember Jason Heaton.

Limited Service Option

  • Monthly charge: $18.00/month (each year of the contract).  Note: The price for unlimited service increases to $72 quarterly in 2025. It increases each year. With a two can limit the rate will not increase.
  • Trash limit: 96 gallons (e.g., two 48 gallon cans or one 96 gallon can)
  • Can rental (optional): $3.00/month (95 gallon can)
  • Extra bags (for trash over 96 gallon limit): $6/bag, available for purchase through Aiken (or the borough).
  • Bulk item removal: $10 – $25 per item, depending on the size and type of material to be collected. Residents must call ahead of time for bulk removal.  
  • Vacant homes: Suspension of trash service (i.e., no service, no fee).  Residents must let Aiken know if residence is going to be vacant for more than 4 weeks, but less than 6 months.  If vacancy is to exceed the 6 month timeframe, a suspension extension can be requested for another 4 weeks but no longer than 6 months.
  • Houses being renovated:  Suspension of trash service (i.e., no service, no fee).  If house is going to be un-occupied during renovation, same terms apply as vacant homes. 

Current Service Reminder

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