Neighbor Helping Neighbor

In a seemingly cynical and fast-paced world, we too often allow ourselves to become indifferent to the special things in life–like, the importance of old friendships.

Here’s a reminder.

While growing up on High St., Joan Pavlinich-Bixler and Kip Richeal formed such a friendship.  Schoolmates.  Playmates.  Typical childhood buddies from the same block.  It’s the kind of deep and lasting friendship that seems to have always been, and will be, even through the long pauses.  Especially through times of need.

In your own life, we bet there are one or two such people.  (You’re a very lucky person if there are more).  So, go ahead and take a moment to think about your dearest friends.  Check up on them.  Give them a call.  Talk about the weather.  Who cares?  As Shakespeare said,

I count myself in nothing else so happy
As in a soul remembering my good friends.

You can read more about the friendship we’re talking about here by going to the Beaver County Times, but more importantly, you can pay tribute to the deep and lasting friendships in your own life by contributing to Joan’s heartfelt gift to her dear West Mayfield pal from High St.

Go ahead, read the article.  You’ll see what we mean.  Then call 724-513-489 to help out.

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