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West Mayfield, Pennsylvania is an incorporated borough currently operating under the “weak mayor” form of borough government.  The mayor and tax collector are elected to 4-year terms. Seven council members are elected to 4 year terms; four seats overlap the remaining three seats.  Other officials are appointed by borough council.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are open to the public, and they are held in the Council Chambers on the second Thursday of each month.  Residents are encouraged to read:  A Citizen’s Guide to Addressing West Mayfield Council

Council Chambers / Borough Building (click here for map):

4609 W. 8th Ave,  Beaver Falls, PA  15010

Phone: 724-847-1867 | Fax: 724-843-0206

Council Meeting Minutes

Borough Officials

Mayor Paul Farkas
Council President Bill Heaton
Council Vice-President Wendy Harker
Council Bruce Harris
Council Eli Kosanovich
Council Lou Little
Council Monica Sepp
Council Bob Tate
Borough Secretary Pat Lansberry
Real Estate Tax Collector Kathleen Brewer
Wage & Per Capita Tax Collector Berkheimer
Code Enforcement Christopher Lemmon
Web Administrator Kevin Farkas
Engineering Widmer Engineering / 724-847-1696
Solicitor Jeff Bovalino, Esq.
Shelter/Hall Rental 724-561-8235 / Online Request
Maintenance Garage Brian McNeely  / 724-843-8330

In Memoriam: In recognition of all who have dutifully served the citizens of West Mayfield.

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