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West Mayfield, Pennsylvania is an incorporated borough currently operating under the “weak mayor” form of borough government.  The mayor and tax collector are elected to 4-year terms. Seven council members are elected to 4 year terms; four seats overlap the remaining three seats.  Other officials are appointed by borough council.

Borough Officials

Mayor Paul Farkas
Council President Bill Heaton
Council Vice-President Wendy Harker
Council Bruce Harris
Council Eli Kosanovich
Council Lou Little
Council Monica Sepp
Council Michelle McNeely
Borough Secretary Pat Lansberry
Real Estate Tax Collector Kathleen Brewer
Wage & Per Capita Tax Collector Berkheimer
Code Enforcement Christopher Lemmon
Web Administrator Kevin Farkas
Engineering Widmer Engineering / 724-847-1696
Solicitor Jeff Bovalino, Esq.
Shelter/Hall Rental 724-561-8235 / Online Request
Maintenance Garage Jeff Seybert  / 724-843-8330

In Memoriam: In recognition of all who have dutifully served the citizens of West Mayfield.


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