Community Park

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West Mayfield Community Park

 About West Mayfield Community Park

Locals commonly refer to West Mayfield’s community park as “The Hollow,” which was originally known as Harbison Hollow.  This creekbottom acreage once belonged to the pioneering Harbison family.

Boarded by steep, wooded hillsides of oak, maple, and walnut trees, the park contains and an extensive flat, grassy area featuring three ball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic shelters and playground equipment.

Walnut Bottom Run flows freely through the length of the park, originating in the deep wooded ravines to the west in Chippewa Township.  “Playing in the crick” has been a favorite passtime of children since the park began, perhaps because of its clear running water and abundance of riparian flora and fauna, including minnows, “water striders,” and “crawdads.”

Years ago, it was common for teachers and children to walk to the park from the Edwards, Liberty, or West Park schools.  Over the years, the borough has held its golden and diamond jubilee celebrations in the park.

West Mayfield’s community park remains free and open to the public.  The park season officially begins the Friday before Memorial Day and ends October 1st.

Park rules:

Park hours are from sunrise to sunset.

All pets must be kept on a leash.

Parking in designated areas only.  No parking on the grass.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Off-road vehicles are prohibited.

By ordinance, there is no hunting within the Park; it is unlawful to discharge a firearm (including bows) within the park.


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