Centennial Committee

Mayor Licia Cogley, chair

Chrissy Barkfelt

Jeanine Bathgate

Kathy Brewer

Ron Dixon

Marge Dixon-Yoho

Kevin Farkas

Janet Helbig

Eli Kosanovich

Bob Tate

Jake Tate

Stacy Tate

Tina Tate

Sue Wood

Council President Louis Little, executive chair

Mayor Paul Farkas, ex officio chair

Wendy Harker, Fire Dept. historian

Please make checks payable to West Mayfield Centennial Committee (or WMCC) and send to:

c/o Chrissy Barkfelt, 1015 37th St. Ext., Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Donations can also be delivered to Mayor Licia Cogley at 604 37th St. Ext., Beaver Falls, PA 15010. Mailbox is in the driveway.