Welcome to Our Website!


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As Mayor of West Mayfield Borough, I am pleased to welcome you to our official website. Thank you for visiting with us and taking the time to learn more about our community.

I’ve lived in West Mayfield for more than a half century, and I’ve been involved in borough government and community service since 1965.  I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, from the prosperity of the war years–when the steel industry was king and our neighborhoods were full of families–to the economic and social downturn during the Great Recession of the 1970s and 80s.

However, throughout the years our borough has remained a safe and welcoming place to live.  We’re a small but close community–less than one square mile and about 1,100 residents. We know and look after each other.  I’ve seen a lot of children grow up in the borough (including my own), and my friends and neighbors and I have grown old together on the same streets and avenues.

I’m pleased to see that after so many years some of our children are returning home to Beaver County and West Mayfield–two great places to live.  It’s exciting to see that West Mayfield is enjoying a residential and small-business renewal that is bringing in more families and jobs–more kids, more friends, and friendly neighbors that want to call West Mayfield home.

The borough offers its residents and businesses full time professional police protection through the City of Beaver Falls, dedicated fire protection from our own local volunteer fire department, on-call borough maintenance services, and recreational opportunities at our large community park situated along scenic Walnut Bottom Run.  Along with the above, this website is a value community service and part of our commitment to make West Mayfield a nice place to live.

I invite you to browse this website and to discover more about our community, government, and the people who live and work in West Mayfield—our home.

 Sincerely, Paul Farkas