Council Meeting Agenda: April 2022

The agenda is now online for the April 2022 regular council meeting. As a reminder, council meetings will resume in the council chambers at the Borough Building.
For more information about Borough meetings and to access past agendas and minutes, visit the Meetings page on the website.

Borough of West Mayfield

Regular Meeting April 14, 2022
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Consent Agenda – Approval of March minutes
5. Officers Reports for March
6. Consent Agenda – Approval of Officers Reports
7. Correspondence – 2 letters to fill vacant council seats; Emergency responders appreciation day from Rochester Borough

At this time citizens may comment on any item on today’s agenda or voice a concern. Name and address must be provided and the comments will be limited to a 3 minute period of time.

OLD BUSINESS – Committee Reports

Streets, Lighting Bridges – Wendy

Building, Grounds & Equipment – Bill – Signs for 4th Ave – not a GPS Route; main garage lower garage door panel needs replace; GMC dump truck 5500 is fixed; parts truck is stored in the side building; bids on tree at borough building.

Fire & Police report – Wendy – ISO inspection of Fire Department is complete – borough should adopt a fire code; fire department also inspected for food license.

Sewers & Sanitation – manhole issue on Ann Street; sink hole on Rock Avenue

Finance & Litigation

Parks & Playground

Ordinance Report

President – Team Fisher has been told that there will be no more dumping at the end of West 8th Avenue; water issue on Craig Street (Alley) is still not resolved; no information received on MS4 yet



NEW BUSINESS – Committee Reports

Streets, Lighting, Bridges – pot holes filled more to come; park opens May 1; trees on side of road need cleaned up; take pictures after dye testing is complete to create a paper trail

Building, Grounds, Equipment – Bill – update borough building to code( folding handicap rails in rest rooms; handicap sign by main entrance to council room; 3-way wire & switches); new brushes for Bob cat.

Fire, Police – Wendy – need keys for shelter 1; park rental starts June 1 time 11 am to 8 pm;

Sewers & Sanitation – 37th Street sewer project; work needs done on Harbison

Finance & Litigation

Parks and Playground

Ordinance report

Presidents reports – damage caused by downed wires; appoint a replacement for the vacant council seat

Mayor – report

Solicitor- report

8. Payment of Bills – each council member has received a list and reviewed the bills
Consent Agenda – Approval to pay the bills

9. Ratify Purchases made by committees
Consent Agenda – Approval to ratify purchases made by committees


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