Community Clean Up Day

Saturday ~ April 22, 2023

Help Make West Mayfield a Nicer Place to Live

Our original Clean Up Day Crew included volunteer residents and members of borough government.

Let's Redd Up the Borough

Our goal is to clean up select problem areas in the borough and to document problem areas for the borough to clean up and address through its quality of life ordinances, such as blighted properties, un-maintained parking lots, and roadways in need of repair. 
We had a good turnout last for last year’s Clean Up Day, and we look forward to seeing more residents participate this year. Meanwhile, we encourage all residents pick up trash wherever they see it along our roadways. This helps keep West Mayfield looking good and sets an example for our children who are watching and learning from us how to be good citizens.

Plan of Action

8:00am – 8:30am ~ Assemble at West Mayfield Community Park: Welcome, Safety Briefing, Equipment Distribution, Assignments

8:45am – 11:30am ~ Redd Up the Borough

11:45am – 12:30pm ~ Return to the Community Park for Pizza Lunch

I would like to participate in the next Clean Up Day

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