In Memoriam

In honor of all citizens who have served the people of West Mayfield Borough.  Contact the web administator to submit a name to this memorial page.




  • Thomas E. Orosz  (also Fire Dept. & Public Works)
  • Ed Sebastian (also Fire Dept.)


Board of Elections

  • Hazel Farkas (also Ladies Auxillary, School Crossing Guard)


Fire Department

  • Oscar “Rip” Littel (Chief)
  • Ronald L. Casey (Chief)
  • John W. Ridings (Chief)
  • William Dawson (Chief)
  • Harry W. “Bud” Beighley (Pres.)
  • David Schutte (Pres.)
  • Leslie E. “Pickles” Roeder Jr.
  • Thomas A. Roberts Jr.
  • Bob Scranton
  • Paul McCutcheon
  • Ken Eckman
  • Tom Hinds
  • Paul Rouser
  • Harry Scranton
  • B.W. Smith
  • Bill Teasdale
  • Kay Lothrop
  • Wylie Goe, Sr.
  • David Jones
  • Martin Patterson
  • Joseph Stein
  • Fred Keller
  • John Whal
  • Phillip Beck
  • James O. Lewis
  • Forrest M. McDanel
  • Ralph Hughes
  • David T. Jones
  • Clyde Kirk
  • Charlie Jones


Ladies Auxillary


Police Department


Public Works

  • Joe Sobona