All-U-Can-Eat Breakfast: January 11, 2015

eggs most any style

pancakes and French toast

bacon and sausage

homefried potatoes

white and wheat toast

coffee, tea, milk, and juice


$7 Adult | $4.50 11-6 years old | FREE 5 years old and younger

Sunday Breakfast!

8:00am – 1:00pm

(2nd Sunday of the month | no breakfasts June, July, August)

At the Fire Hall (706 37th Street in West Mayfield Borough)

In times of trouble, the citizens of West Mayfield Borough depend on the brave men and women of their volunteer fire department. And so might you!

Over the years, West Mayfield Fire Dept. has responded to hundreds of “mutual aid” requests from surrounding communities. Whether it’s a fire, flood, power outage, traffic emergency, or medical crisis the volunteers of West Mayfield take the call–day or night.

Now they need your help!

Don’t miss this important fundraiser for

the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department.

All proceeds help maintain and support the fire and rescue service.

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Christmas Tree Disposal


West Mayfield residents only may dispose of their Christmas trees at the municipal building, Monday – Thursday (7am – 3pm) and Fridays (7am – 11am).

Off hours disposal may be arranged by contacting Terry Eakles (724-513-6405) or Brian McNeely (724-513-5153).

No off-hours dumping without permission.  Trees must be cleaned of all decorations.

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Next Council Meeting: January 8, 2015

West Mayfield Borough Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.

The meeting is open to the public and will take place in the Council Chambers, 4609 W. 8th Ave.  All citizens having business before the council are advised to be on time for the start of the meeting.

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West Mayfield Bus Stop?


Borough council is seeking input from residents regarding public transit in West Mayfield.

Would you like local access to public transit?  If so, where would you like to see a bus stop in the borough? Hours of operation?

Leave us a message on our convenient online Citizen Comment Page.

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Borough Getting New LED Street Lights

IMG_2865West Mayfield Borough has begun replacing its street lights with new energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

“Our goal is to replace all 103 street lights incrementally,” said Councilman Jim Bostek, who manages the new effort to save taxpayers money by lowering the borough’s energy bills through Duquesne Light’s LED Municipal Street Light Conversion Pilot Program.

The borough is scheduled to replace twenty lights by the end of 2014, forty lights in 2015, and the remaining 43 lights by 2016.

The first twenty LED street lights are being installed on 37th St. and Rock Avenue.

LED Street Lights Save Energy and Money

The LED Municipal Street Light Conversion Pilot Program helps municipalities convert a minimum of 10 street lights (70 Watt & 150 Watt High Pressure Sodium) to their equivalent 43 Watt and 106 Watt Cobrahead LED fixtures.

IMG_5716 - Copy

Jim Bostek

Municipal street lighting is costly.  In 2014 West Mayfield Borough budgeted $20,000 to cover street lighting.  As of August, the borough spent more than $11,759 to illuminate roadways.

According to a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University, municipalities typically spend up to 40% of their electricity budget on outdoor public lighting.   West Mayfield’s existing sodium vapor and incandescent-style street lights currently consume 59% its electricity budget.

Until the recent availability of affordable LED street light technology, the only way municipalities could reduce their lighting cost was to remove street lighting where it is not needed, as West Mayfield did over the past decade—with noticeable complaints from many residents, pedestrians, and motorists.

Cobrahead LED street lighting installed in Tarentum, PA.

Traditional lights cost between $50 and $100, but the new energy efficient LED street lights are more expensive to purchase, averaging between $200 to $300 each, and there are removal costs involved.

However, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University estimate that LED street lights use 50-90% less energy to operate, yielding 40-70% savings in operating costs.

“In addition to benefitting the environment and reducing light pollution,” said Mr. Bostek, “taxpayers will realize an immediate savings of $3 per light in monthly operating costs.  And within three years we expect to recover the cost of replacing our old lights.”

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Santa comes to West Mayfield!

Santa is coming to West Mayfield!

Santa will visit the borough by fire truck

starting at noon December 20th


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